Fun 4th of July Ideas

Will you be entertaining at your house on July 4th? If you’re looking for party inspiration – we can help you out. Here are ideas from to make sure your Independence Day is fun and festive!

Decorations: Make these firecracker flags to decorate your home.

Entertainment: Use these ideas for a patriotic picnic.

Kid Activities: Try some of these fun outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained.


~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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Tour Your Hometown for Summer Entertainment

At we’ve had our ear to the ground searching for unique ways to keep our kids entertained this summer. During our search we found a fun—and most of the time, free—idea you might want to try. Local tours. Let your kiddos be a tourist in their own town and set up tours with local business. Fire stations, police stations, and businesses are usually very open to the idea and many are already hosting tours. (Some places even hand out freebies for the kids!)

To start, just call up local business and find out who’s open to the idea. When you find a place interested in giving tours, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do you need to guarantee a specific number of kids in order to book a tour of the facility?
  • Is there anything you need to prepare ahead of time?
  • Are there any rules you need to discuss with kids before you get there.
  • Will you need to bring money? How much per kid?

Kim Jackson, a childcare provider and blogger from Iowa, started tours in her hometown:

“The summer before last, we did lots of walks and I realized that the kids looked forward to going somewhere new and learning things that some of their parents did during the day. So that winter I started calling places to set up visits and everyone I asked welcomed us. We talk a lot that week about where we are going, what they think might see/do, and we find books in our collection to coordinate with each visit. It is written on our marker board so the parents always know what is happening that week and the next couple as well. Last summer was such a blast I knew we would do it again. It has been awesome!”

She’s setting up tours in grocery stores, farms, farmer’s markets, flower shops, restaurants, and more. Just look around at local businesses and you’ll come up with ideas!

Here are pictures of my little ones during a Fire Station tour. My son wanted to “drive” the fire truck and refused to leave. My daughter was obviously too young to do much, but we did pretend to put the hat on her – which her brother thought was pretty cool. My son talked about it for months after.

Trip to Firestation

We’d love to hear tips and tricks from other parents who have set up tours before. Please share in the comment section below.

Have fun!

~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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Summery Ways to Pamper Yourself

It’s the first day of summer! Here are 5 things to do for yourself from

1. DIY Pedicure

2. Hair Style Make Over

3. Bright, Summery Homemade Decorations

4. Healthy-Skin Salt Bath

5. Summer Brain Boosters


~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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5 Ways to Update a Garage-Sale Dresser

If you’re looking for a new dresser on a budget, try these cheap and creative ideas from You’ll be able to update any dresser from a garage/yard sale to match your style.

1. Old or worn-out knobs? No big deal! Update the knobs with paint for a new look.

2. Broken drawers? Just pull them out, replace with baskets and use a curtain (like this one made from a dish towel) on the front.

3. If you’re just looking for a small change, apply a clear coat of paint with granite dust or ultra-fine glitter for subtle sparkle.

4. Your kids can help decorate, too. Let them choose shapes and themes made from adhesive vinyl.

5. Wanting something quick and elegant? Add silk flowers to the knobs.

Happy Updating!

~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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Summer Night Parties

I love hosting laid back outdoor dinner parties. However, I’m not a very good it. For example, the day before I’m stressed out wondering what to serve. Do I have enough chairs? Who RSVPed? Did I even ask my guests to RSVP? Then my husband usually gives me a “look” and walks off to find something else to do. Turns out I’m not alone. Motherboard Moms told us they look forward to entertaining outside this summer, but are a little overwhelmed about being the person who actually has to plan the party. is here to help with its new story How to Throw the Best Summer Parties. These tips are easy to use and will help if you have a few weeks to plan or if your party is the next day.

Simple, Quick Lighting

One idea from the party planning guide is to place lights safely around your yard to add ambiance. I tried this at my house over the weekend. I used tea lights in mason jars placed in my hosta garden and around the yard.

If you want the candles contained in one area you can cluster them together in the center of your table. I used a silver serving platter so the light would reflect off the platter. My guests were pretty impressed with my creativity (thanks Motherboard!).

Perfect On-the-Grill Flavor

Nothing is worse than biting into a delicious-looking hamburger only to have your mouth filled with the taste of charcoal and lighter fluid. Here are hints for grilling to make sure everything tastes PERFECT at your dinner party. You may want try out these burger and kabob ideas, too.

Enjoy your party!

~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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Father’s Day Help!

What do you get a dad for Father’s Day who says “Anything’s fine!” or “I just want to spend time with you and the kids.”? First of all, isn’t that why you love him? So easy to please! Second, all the more reason to make the day extra special. Third, seriously … what do you get him? Luckily is here to help with unique, personalized ideas. Don’t worry, you won’t need a big budget to make Dad’s Day memories that will last a life time.

Clever Traditions to Start This Year

Father’s Day isn’t just about gifts. Here are ideas from other dads for traditions you can start this year to make dad’s day special. (For example, let the kids star in a homemade newscast reporting on how much they love dad. You can even upload it online and send to dad while he’s at work.)

Handmade Father’s Day Cards


How do you find a card with the perfect words for dad? You make it! Use these ideas to get started on a handmade Father’s Day card.

Father’s Day Crafts

Turn the kids loose with craft materials and imagination. Here are easy Father’s Day craft ideas for kids, like these personalized coasters.

Fun Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun gift idea, here are some I found during my search:

Enjoy spoiling the main man of the house!

~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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Summer Yummies We Can’t Wait to Try has searched the blogosphere for delicious treats perfect for hot summer days. Plus, we are sharing our own meal ideas perfect for busy moms. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Bloggers Share Their Must-Make Desserts

Delicious Meal Ideas from The Motherboard


~ Ashley, from The Motherboard

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