Hidden Storage Tips From Real Moms

In a recent survey, 75% of moms said their biggest guilt trip during the day was over their messy homes. Themotherboard.com is here to help! We asked moms to share where they are hiding all their “stuff”. Here are their solutions for some of our common storage problems. Hopefully it helps you, too!

Hide Games & Cards

Here’s how: “We hide our games (like board games, uno cards, etc.) under the couch. Our couch sits low enough and has a shirt on the bottom – no know one ever knows – well, until we get on our hands and knees to pull the games out!” – Jessica

Hide Econo-Sized Purchases

Here’s how: “The best place to use for a storage area is a tub or shower that isn’t used much. It’s perfect of large purchase of soft drinks, toilet paper, can goods, boxes of clothes or holiday items.” – Shirley Sughrue

Hide Papers & Keepsakes From School

Here’s how: “This is for moms who like to keep their children’s school papers from throughout the year. I bought those large ziploc bags – the kind used to store sports equipment (3 gallon size) – and I wrote each child’s name on it with the school year. During the year, I put all their papers and projects in there. This keep the stuff organized, easy to put away and easy to see. If I need something, I can unzip and reclose with no problems. Plus, at the end of the year I can sort through and keep the more meaningful stuff like cards and artwork. This creates a memory bag for me and for my children without all the clutter. For more organization, you can get a plastic bin for each child and keep their bags from the years in there. The boxes can be stacked neatly in a closet or garage and the plastic keeps the papers from being invaded by silverfish. Ick.” – fabmom23

Hide Paper Clutter

Here’s how: “I have a little 3 drawer organizer on my counter top and whatever papers come home I have one drawer for kids important paperwork, one for moms important paperwork and the third one is for recipes that I collect out of magazines! That’s it!” – Jacqueline Perry

Hide DVD and Video Games

Here’s how: “One of the best tips I ever found was to help get rid of the CD/DVD/Video game clutter. For years I had DVD, Playstation, & Wii disks & their cases taking over the storage in my entertainment centers. Finally I bought a binder with CD size disk sleeves in it. Now I have a binder for kids movies, PG-13 & up movies, and video games. I boxed up all those cases and store them in the garage….just in case we need them to resell. My TV cabinets look so much more tidy since then, and no more searching for the movie/game because someone didn’t put it back in the right case.” – mammadramma

Hide Living Room Toys & Clutter

Here’s how: “I purchased a wire shelving unit and a high quality fabric shower curtain and decorative shower curtain hooks that complimented my living room colors and decor. I assembled the shelving unit and hung the curtain around the exposed sides,The shelves give us plenty of space to store bins of toys, but when we have guests, we can flip the curtain down and it just looks like a large “Armour” in the room. I put decorative, lightweight items (faux plants, etc.) on the top exposed shelf so many moms have commented that they didn’t even realize we had toys in the living room when I lift the curtain to expose my little secret.” – JJ5

Hide Dirty Clothes Clutter

Here’s how: “In the evening, I was sending my kids upstairs to take off their clothes and put on jammies, then come back down for story-time. Then later we have to tote all that laundry down stairs. So now I have one of those shoe-like organizers on the back of the laundry room door and the kids jammies go in these pockets. Now, we change in the laundry room, drop the dirty things in the laundry hamper, and put on the jammies in the pockets. Clean jammies go straight from the laundry into the pockets so it’s one less thing to put away in 3 different bedrooms.” – 3Gmama


~ Ashley, from The Motherboard


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2 Responses to Hidden Storage Tips From Real Moms

  1. I love the under the couch storage option. If it sits high enough, you should consider putting them on a serving tray with a handle so they can easily be pulled out.

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