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17 Responses to Mom of the Week

  1. Adriana P. Mendez says:

    I’m expecting my fourth child and I’m a school bus driver for special ed kids. I love to work with children everyday. My oldest daughter is 20, my second daughter is 13, my son is 12, and this baby will be coming very soon on March 23. WALMART HAS GOOD PRICES FOR MY BUDGET (especially with the baby coming)!

    • julia glover says:

      i found that penneys has great sales , making a lot of things less the than the walmart price , and stains come out easier as well as the clothes and shoes hold up better . my son would wear out walmart shoes in one month but penney’s shoes would last until he outgrew them and were still in good enough shape to donate to my chuches clothes closet . also check out ross , great clothes for less not to mention furnishings and toys , etc., and old navy .

  2. Shauna says:

    We utilize technology as much as we can to keep our busy (full-time working parents) lives organized. We use Cozi calendar which syncs to our work calendars so both of us always know the family calendar, and we use an app called ourgroceries (free) which stays sync’d to each of our smartphones, so if my husband goes to the market, he already has the fully updated list -and I can even add to it while he’s there. It saves lists, you can add recipes & more, but the best part is always knowing that the other person has the fully updated list – no more whiteboard grocery lists.

  3. I’ve found that avoiding laundry saves a lot of time. I’m guessing that’s not the kind of time-saving tip you’re after, though. Something I do to save time AND entertain the kids is to let them whip up some just-add-water muffin mix. Sounds silly, but it’s a baking activity for a boring afternoon and a quick-fix breakfast for the following morning. The mixes are affordable for almost any household, too.

  4. As Momma Cuisine, I want to empower moms to create Great Everyday Meals for their families by teaching them that great meals can be made with simple ingredients and just basic cooking techniques. It’s less about slaving in the kitchen and more about gathering with your family around the dinner table and creating long-lasting memories.

  5. julia glover says:

    for a safe mosquito repellant , buy inexpensive mouthwash , place in a spray bottle and apply to your little (and big ) ones clothes , body , even the cloth in baby carriers . you can also spray this around play / cookout areas /picnic tables , to keep mosquitos at bay for up to 4 hours . if you still receive bites ( ant ,mosquitoe ) use store brand teething aides . this will numb the area so no scratching , and is not harmful if gotten in eyes or mouth ! trust me this works , and no harmful poisons !

  6. Jolena Yazza says:

    My son, Joey (then age 8) and I were in line waiting to buy movie theater tickets outside a local mall, when he bent over to pick up something which caught his eye from a crack in the side walk. I noticed his movement from the corner of my eye, as you know-us mothers have eyes like camilions (sic), but chose to make no questions on what I saw him pick up. He turned away form me examing his treasure when he turnes and then says, “Mom, here. Happy Mother’s Day”. What my only child found he gave to me for a Mother’s day gift. It was a beautiful teeny tiny diamond inlaid in a heart shaped 14 carate gold ring! I still cherish it 8 years later even knowing he found it !! Makes me smile every single time the memory pops in my head. How I love my child!

  7. Recently, my sister took her two children, ages 4 and 2, to visit our nation’s capital. She called and expressed frustration about not enjoying the trip. Having been in that situation before, I offered her this simple advice “lower your expectations.” Young children are not interested in seeing the White House or the Washington Monument. All it takes to have a memorable day for them is ice-cream and play time at a park. If we can just embrace this idea as parents, our vacations would be far more relaxing and enjoyable.

  8. Shannon Uhl AKA - Nanny says:

    Laughter is magic… The more we learn to laugh at ourselves the better life can get. My advice for all mothers-teach your childrens its OK to laugh at themself. With three grown children and seven grandchildren I like nothing better than the sound of laughter when the flour flies, the egg drips on the counter, and the bowl tips precariously….. so much to learn and I want their memories to be full of the fun we had.

  9. wanda d. thompson says:

    Wow!!.. Was amazed when I saw the Motherboard feature… very interesting might I add. I am interested in sharing ideas with other Mom’s and to communicate about things I do and participate in with my kids.. This should actually be FUN.FUN.. and learning new ways to broaden our horizons in our lives today.

  10. About one year ago my husband and I moved across the country leaving behind our beautiful state of Colorado. Not only did we make a giant move to North Carolina but I also left a 12 year journalism career to become a stay at home mother. After a few months of shedding tears for my old self I have transformed into something new. I’m writing again and that feels great. I’m doing DIY projects around the house, crafting with my little man, driving to and from soccer, music, art classes and making fabulous dinners. I feel great! Sure, I do miss the craziness of the newsroom but I’m also grateful for the experiences that I had. The motto of the story and my suggestion to all mothers going through transition is to allow yourself to do it. Yes, it’s going to be scary and at times frustrating but it’s okay and normal to have those feelings. Open your heart and jump in with both feet and while you may feel lost for a few months you will, day by day pick up little bits of knowledge along your path.

  11. I wish to be part of the “Mom Of The Week”. I am the mom of two “tweener” kids, Hunter and Taylor. They are involved in over twenty activities, not counting school work. I make sure that they excel in everything that they do. I even make sure that they pay some attention to their father, although he has his own spouse to deal with.

    Please contact me for more details!

  12. Gina Morris says:

    I have one daughter of my own who is 11 going on 16 (The Doodle Bug a.k.a. Kiwi)… My quest is building memories with my daughter. Things to look back on, even when she’s 80 years old, that make her smile and feel happiness. As a single parent (We live in Florida. Her father, step mother and step-siblings live in Virginia) I have a tight budget. We find alternatives to the high cost outings and vacations. For example: One new years eve we dressed up. Did each others hair and makeup – jewelry – heels (Something that she is NOT allowed to do in our “normal” daily lives) We went to the dollar store and got party tiaras and noise makers. We set out snacks in bowls and had a bottle of sparkling cider chilling in a wine bucket of ice (big Tupperware bowl) – we had a couple of other kids there as well. We had our own New Years Eve Ball. There was music and dancing. We watched the ball drop with champagne glasses of sparkling cider. Counted down with Dick Clark and toasted to the new year. Then we all talked about what we wished the next year would bring. It was way more fun than any big city new years bash. Much less expensive and I heard once that whatever you are doing at the stroke of midnight on New Years is how you will spend the next year. If that’s true I look forward to having fun, sharing laughter and talking about dreams with my girl. It’s a win – win situation. Cost: Snacks: $22 Party – Favors: $3 – Sparkling cider: $4 …………… Making lasting memories with your child – Priceless. 🙂

  13. trudy says:

    As a mother of five and grandmother of one, I am encouraged as I read the posts. I am a teacher (30+ years) at an alternative high school. Please just be parents to your children. They probably have plenty of friends. You don’t need to be a friend. You need to be a parent. I have been shocked by the number of my students who are amazed that I can still repeat word for word the favorite Little Golden Books of each of my children. Apparently many of them were not read to with any regularity if at all. I cringe when I hear them talk about smoking weed and drinking with their parents….or visiting an encarcerated parent. Keep loving your children even when you think they don’t deserve it. Hug them and tell them you love them. The best memories my children and my students have of their childhoods never have anything to do with name brands, spending lots of money, incredible vacations, etc. The memories come from having time spent with them, individually and as a family.

  14. kay says:

    This is the time of the year to shop thrift stores and yard/garage sales. Summer clothes, yard furniture, etc. After Spring-cleaning season there are great finds to be had. I prefer GOODWILL STORES, because I know my dollars contribute to programs right in my own community.

  15. Congratulations Kristin Welch, Mom of the Month
    Perhaps you would like to hear my sad stories that ended happily. I am now a great grandmother, but when I was just a “MOM” to six children, through the years, I lost four of them, never together, but at 4 different times. #2 child was in a stroller that the tray came out so he could walk; I thought he was with my husband and my husband thought he was with me. We were at a picnic along the Ohio River and when we found out he was lost, we panicked. Terrible thoughts crossed our minds and we scrambled to find him. He was in the middle of a ball park, holding up a ball game. What a relief. At another time, we couldn’t find #3 child. He was outside playing and disappeared. We looked all over. In despair, we went to his bedroom and found him fast to sleep. #4 child was found inside a grocery store at a revolving door. How happy we were to find her. #5 child decided to play a trick on me when we left the bowling alley one day. There was a group of us in my station wagon when I realized we were missing a child. OH Glory Be, it was another of my children. He had decided to disappear and leave the bowling alley thinking we would see him, but we went around the backside. I was almost home when I discovered the lost so I immediately retracked. He had come out the frontdoor of the bowling alley, crossed a busy street (apparently safely) but was in their driveway crying when I found him. What a happy feeling it was to find all my children. Too bad this didn’t happen to Casey. What despair she must be feeling NOW.

    As you can read, all was lost and found immediately and out of danger. Good luck to all you mothers. I don’t have to go through this ordeal again since all my children are adults with adult children, but who knows what can happen to #4 generation?

  16. Kasey Rodriguez says:

    I am a mom of four little girls, ages 7,6,3 and 2. I work full time as a social worker, so our lives are busy, busy, busy! My best method to staying sane is to prepare as much as I can ahead of time: I prepare an “assembly line” of clothes each night so that our morning rush goes as smoothly as possible, I utilize weekends to cook meals for those busy weeknights, I stockpile groceries so that I have things on hand for those last minute needs. I always have the soccer bags or pool bags stocked with clean towels, water bottles, shinguards, etc. so they are ready to grab and go. The more organized I am, the more time I have to just enjoy my girls! I appreciate every second of “down-time” I have with them!

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